Thursday, January 28, 2016

There There/Post-Script

'There There' is a photographic event taking place in Cork city, a 'mini-festival' organised by curatorial team Stag and Deer. The event features exhibitions and talks by local photographic artists Roseanne Lynch and Miriam O'Connor, as well as a very exciting group show and solo exhibitions by Dutch artist Viviane Sassen and Zhang Kechun from China.

Opening on Friday as part of the lineup is 'Post-Script', an exhibition curated by Peggy Sue Amison. This show deals with the idea of connection and disconnection in today's ostensibly 'hyperconnected' world. In an interesting twist, Peggy invited selected artists from around the world to send her work on this theme by post alone. The results should be very interesting, particularly considering the incredible list of participants that, I'm delighted to say, includes me.

Check out the current roster:

Michael Ackerman, Nadav Candar, Aaron Schuman, Jenny Matthews, Lydia Panas, Billy Quinn, Émilie Déluge, Charlie Jouvet, April Gertler, Britney Anne Majure, Gilles Roudiere, Mirjam Siefert, Zoltan Jokay, Jessica Hines, Eoin O'Connail, Germán Peraire, Rory Tangeny, Roger Ballen, Arja Hyytiäinen, Lana Slezic, Barry W Hughes, Mila Teshaieva, Stephan C, Roy Arenella, Russell Joslin, Damien Daufresne, Marketa Luscakova, Harri Pälviranta, Tiane Do Na Champassak, Olivier Pin-Fat, Kai Olaf Hesse, Eva Wollenberg, Paul Corcoran, Alessandra Capodacqua, Karl Burke, Mark Curran, Dara McGrath, Chris Rauchenberg, Monika Merva, Leticia Huckaby, Danny Nicoletta, Clare Gallagher, Carolle Benitah, Marie Brett, Stefania Sapio, Diarmait Grogan, Max De Esteban, Christian Schllt, Agnieszka Reyss, Helena Tobin, Yoko Naito, Wasma Mansour.

All of those names are worth googling, if you're not already familiar with them. There are apparently more contributors to be named too... I only wish I could be around to see the results.

For those of you in Ireland, the show will open on Friday the 19th of October in the Camden Palace Hotel, Cork, at 8pm.

The launch of There There will take place tonight at 6pm at The Crawford Art Gallery.


Edit: Below is the only installation shot I could get of my piece in the show.