Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take Another Left

Shane Connaughton
This year's PhotoIreland Festival is shaping up to be something really special, so it gives me even greater pleasure to announce that I will be exhibiting alongside the extremely talented Shane Connaughton as part of the programme (Shane has just been featured in the latest issue of Viewfinder magazine. Check it out here).

'Take Another Left' opens in Block T on the 7th of July. More details can be found here (feel free to click the 'like' button on the event page to put us in with a chance of winning the 'people's choice' award this year!).

Have a look at the festival programme, it's absolutely jam-packed with exciting events, lectures and exhibitions. I'm particularly looking forward to the talks by Martin Parr, Markus Schaden and Bruno Ceschel (of Self-Publish, Be Happy).

A lot of credit has to go to Angel Luis Gonzalez, the creator and director of the festival, for curating such an inclusive and well-rounded event. Roll on July!

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