Monday, January 23, 2012

Burn Magazine

My work was recently featured on Burn Magazine, 'an evolving journal for emerging photographers'.

Burn is curated by the great Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. I couldn't be more happy to included on this truly excellent website. I got some wonderful feedback on Burn, although there was a bit of confusion as to whether the film rebate borders on my images are authentic. I can assure everyone that there is no photoshop trickery to them - anyone who knows me knows that I am a total darkroom nut. The images featured are scans of prints that I made in two different darkrooms. In any case, I'm pleased to have people discussing the work!


  1. You can't make digital look like this, not yet anyway.. I guess there are still a few darkrooms around Dublin then eh? Or did you do them in school?

  2. Yes, there are fortunately still darkrooms in Dublin (including my own one in my attic) - in fact I've been involved in setting up a new darkroom in the city over the past months (BLOCK T Darkroom).

    The images shown on Burn were printed in two different darkrooms, one in Berlin and the other my own one here in Dublin. I've since scanned all the images from the negatives and I can't deny that the quality is better, on the screen anyway. I might not scan from the print in the future but I certainly will never stop printing in the darkroom as long as I'm able. It's such an enjoyable process for me and there's nothing quite like a well-made hand-print.